Lady Sonia Jodphurs

Part of this weeks update at Lady Sonia’s website includes a fetish that is explored quite a bit – Jodphurs and equestrian wear. There is something very sexy about a lady in beige jodphurs, riding boots and a whip in her hands waiting for her lucky stud of the day to seduce her. This week, Lady Sonia’s friend Rowena spotted the stable hand Jon as she was getting ready for an afternoon ride. Standing by the stables flirting with him, Rowena couldn’t help herself as she provocatively wiggled her hips and drew Jon to follow her upstairs.

As soon as they were upstairs, Rowena made her move on Jon. They started to kiss passionately as Rowena knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted but she had to be fast.. her husband was due to pick her up after her ride so she needed to get back downstairs before he found out exactly who she had been riding! Rowena takes off her blouse and sits on top of Jon letting his fondle her breasts before taking off her bra and sucking on her nipples. Sliding out of her jodphurs, Rowena shows Jon her fully fashioned stockings and garter belt as he slides her legs apart and starts to lick her pussy.

The bulge in Jon’s jeans is getting bigger and bigger so Rowena pulls them down and sucks Jon’s long cock. We get a very nice view of Rowena’s pert ass as she takes it deeper down her throat! Rowena climbs on top of Jon sliding his cock inside her eager pussy. Her sheer fully fashioned stockings rubbed against Jon’s thighs as he groans. Soon, they are laying on their sides and Jon is pounding Rowena hard from behind giving her deeper penetration and much more pleasure. Rowena is concious that she doesn’t have long left before her naughty adventure must end, so she starts to suck Jon’s cock once more, eager to taste his cum!

Lady Sonia Jodphurs

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